Treasure Chest

I made a treasure chest for the Canon's. I learned some lessons, as well as made a real heavy piece of kit.

Dresser Topper

A friend wanted a "rustic" topper for a dresser. This was my take on what they wanted.

Entertainment Cabinet

Tired of seeing a mess of cables and equipment. I set to make a cabinet that will hide everything, keep it cool, and give me control over everything inside.


When I bought my house, it came with a side gate you could see right through. Here's what I did to solve that.

Mirror Frame

I got commissioned to make a frame for a mirror. Here's the results

Sound Proof Door

Buddy of mine soundproofed a room, but it left the door as the weak point. To beef it up, here's what I did.

Brochure Rack

Commissioned the second time to make a brochure rack, here's how I proceeded.

Attic Venting

Part of my home energy improvements, here's my progress on venting the attic.

Radiant Barrier

Another part of my home energy improvements, here's the progress on installing the radiant barrier.